Who We Are

Information is one the elements that mobilizes society. Our knowledge and understanding of events and phenomena are all embodied in this vital component, which determines much in our complex world. Therefore, it is important that information shared must provide a positive impact to our audience.

It is in this light that Clarke’s Productions (CP) seeks to embrace the principles that will ensure positive dispensation of information.

As broadcasting, in its literal sense, speaks of the sewing of seeds across the fields, we use the media as an instrument of spreading wholesome information (seeds) across the masses (field).

Through creative and well thought out programs and projects, CP aims at edifying, educating and entertaining the family.

Our programs will at all-times embrace fact, providing a well-balanced and all rounded structure that will aid in wholesome living.

Though broadcasting is our primary sector, CP will employ other means in the communications bracket to reach our society. Through an array of outreach programs, workshops and seminars. we are mandated to fulfilling our motto- NOW which means –N-no O-opportunity W-wasted.

Mr. Adrian Clarke

Managing Director

Our Partners