Mr. Adrian Clarke

Managing Director

Mr. Clarke has over twenty (25) years within the field of Television Production his career started in Guyana. He started as a Technical Assistant within the then Guyana Television Station (GTV), and worked his way up to a cameraman level 1 very fast. At the time there was the Production Manager Mr. Norman Joseph who took Mr. Clarke under his wings and trained him.

As the years grew, so did Mr. Clarke. In 2006 he was invited to Tobago to assist in the Technical Development of the Television Station Tobago Channel 5.

He was offered the position as a Technical Coordinator and he worked for several years before starting his own small Production Company.

After returning home in 2010, Mr. Christian Duncan partnered to building a brand called BRUTAL TRACKS. This was a recording studio that recorded Guyanese music and found markets for them to showcase their talents. The owner Mr. Duncan at the time wanted to expand the brand and so he was looking to television as a way to also add to his branding armory. Mr. Clarke was then promoted to the position as Production Manager.

Mr. Clarke is also the Managing Director of Clarke’s Productions and Founder of Youth Focus (Non-governmental organization).



Working within the media for so many years he would have worked on several documentaries like,

  • The Rights of the Child (UNICEF),
  • This Week with the President,
  • Emancipation and Black Awareness Programs, the Way Forward 1993,
  • Timberhead Eco. Resort infomercial,
  • Kids First Fund.


Voice Talents used for local and international promotions.

  • Canboulay- Historical Carnival Program (for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Barclay’s Bank (GBTI)
  • Courts (Guyana and Jamaica)
  • Western Union (Guyana and Caribbean)
  • Popeye’s Chicken and Seafood
  • Citronella BOP
  • Sheltox/ Suretox
  • Dove Mining
  • Giddings Payday Pawn Shop
  • Confidential Cabs
  • Guyana Energy Agency
  • Paul’s Import
  • Rossignol Butchery
  • Modern Optical Service



Training Customer Service staff of:

  • Guyoil
  • Hand In Hand
  • Gift Land Mall
  • Guyana Water Inc.
  • Regency Hotel
  • Training Telephone Etiquette for Regency Hotel front desk staff
  • Training Time Management & Goal Setting Guyana Water Inc.
  • Leadership Development Finding your Style of Leadership Guyana Water Inc.
  • Leadership training for churches, and independent companies
  • Television Production Training for the Technical staff of HBTV Channel. 9 and Channel 2
  • Lecture Television and Video Production at the Alpha Max School in Suriname and also for the Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Mr. Clarke would have also written a Manual titled “The Power of the Telephone”.