Clarke’s Productions Inc. (CPI), is a training and consultancy organization and has been established now for well over twelve (12) years. Within that period CPI has become qualified to offer Competency Based Education Trainings (CBE) and soon to become Caribbean Vocational Qualified (CVQ) and National Vocational Qualified (NVQ) as a training center.

CPI would have built a solid networking base, so this has made us more viable as a company. With our Consulting and Marketing abilities we have strategically placed ourselves in a very positive position to assist you and your company in your growth process.

CPI is prepared to work along with you and your company in the area of Training & Development for all levels of staff in offering Training and Retraining

Mr. Adrian Clarke


Ms. Carlyne Stewart

Managing Director & CFO


Clarke’s Productions will be one of the most successful training and consultancy organization in Guyana, the Caribbean and around the world, by providing the most effective and efficient Leadership, Customer Care Relations and Team Building, training and facility that grows the entire family.


We at Clarke’s Productions Inc. promote, create and foster effectiveness of individuals and organizations through effective networking and training, so that they can offer the highest quality service to their customers. We are committed to our employees’ development, partnership and organizational enrichment.


  • Provide quality, cost effective training to individuals and organizations.
  • Provide opportunities that enhance knowledge and skills for organizations.
  • Provide ongoing Leadership Development for organizations and individuals.
  • Provide the right tools to individuals and organizations so that they can in turn offer effective customer satisfaction.


  • Education
  • Training
  • Professionalism
  • Focus
  • Accountability
  •  Development